Episode 6 

"And The Award For Biggest Geek Goes To ..."

w/ Kristen Nedopak - Founder, The Geekie Awards

After a needful brief hiatus, we have a span-breaking new episode with one of our favorite geek gals, Kristen Nedopak. Beyond being a cover girl for a bevy of various high-profile publications and general gadabout at comic convention panels and the like all over the world, Nedopak is the creator of the first-ever awards ceremony exclusively for geeky artists and personalities, the Geekie Awards (currently on hiatus as they expand for their 2017 show). She's been joined at the festivities by such big names in the realm as Stan Lee, Seth Green, Kevin Smith and plenty more where that came from (just look it up!), and wait'll you hear what she has to say about meeting these folks, running the awards and all that goes into 'em and just WHY there "should" be an award ceremony for geeks in the first place. Her experiences may surprise you. Or not. Either/or.