Episode 3

"Hombre En Fuego"

w/ Jai Nitz - Comic Book Writer, Professor, Creator of Suicide Squad's El Diablo

Jai Nitz very simply knows more about comic books than anyone else alive knows about anything. Just the way it is, folks. He's taught on the subject at the university level, is one of only 150 professional comic book writers in the world (don't believe that it's that few? listen in and you'll find out), wrote DC's first-ever comic issue to be written wholly in Spanish and created the iteration of El Diablo that appears in the film adaptation of Suicide Squad (you'll definitely be hearing more about him soon). Jai tells us why comic book conventions have changed (somewhat for the good, somewhat for the bad), why we might blame (or praise) Neil Gaiman for a lot of these changes and what the heck this has to do with professional wrestling. (READ THE COMPLEMENTARY ARTICLE IN BLEEDING COOL.)