Episode 2

"Alex Winter's Excellent Adventure"

w/ Alex Winter - Filmmaker, Actor, Techie, Bill from Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

Far more than just "Bill from Bill & Ted's" (or "Marko from The Lost Boys," et al), Alex Winter has become a much sought-after filmmaker in his own right. His credits range from numerous live-action television episodes, to animated projects, to eye-opening documentaries based on his longtime passion for how technology intersects with the mores and mentality of our modern epoch. His recent Kickstarter campaign for his forthcoming Frank Zappa documentary now holds the record for most fundraising, as well. Alex speaks with us about his experiences with fellow misfits Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning, why he feels The Social Network (and Hollywood overall) prefers to make assholes out of such techies and why geeking out might be our era's answer to contrarianism.