Episode 14 

"Buzzing With Too Much Coffee Man"

w/ Shannon Wheeler - Graphic novelist; Creator of "Too Much Coffee Man"; Frequent contributor to The New Yorker; Comix scholar/professor 

Time to get caffeinated! On this episode of NERTZ, we have one of our favorite all-time comix folks: Mr. Shannon Wheeler, the creator of one of the great indie comix of all time: TOO MUCH COFFEE MAN. Tah-dah! Wheeler also teaches and writes about comix (and comics; you'll find out the difference, as you will whether or not folks in the industry actually LIKE the term "graphic novel"), regularly contributes to the New Yorker and recently put out what is becoming an incredibly popular book, Shit My President Says: The Illustrated Tweets of Donald J. Trump. There's so much to glom off of Wheeler, his adventures through the world of comix, comics, graphic novels, illustrations, conventions, what R. Crumb is REALLY like, and much-much more.