Episode 12 

"Pop Goes The Culture"

w/ Caseen Gaines - Pop culture historian; Author

This episode of NERTZ gets right to the skinny of how Nerd/Geek Culture and pop culture intersect with our good friend Caseen Gaines. Caseen has contributed many pieces to outlets ranging from Vanity Fair to Rolling Stone and has written books on: Pee-Wee's Playhouse, A Christmas Story, the Back to the Future trilogy and (just released!) The Dark Crystal. As something more than the typical "fanboy," what does Caseen have to say about obsessing so passionately over a geek totem like Howard the Duck or "Weird" Al (as he has for his journalistic pieces) ... while at the same time receiving so much (occasionally frantic) adoration from fellow geeks/nerds/fans himself? Find out in this fun-filled and geeky episode!