Episode 11

"The Invisible Geek"

w/ Adam Bradley - Hip hop & Ralph Ellison scholar; Professor of English (PhD); Author

After a brief hiatus, we return to NERTZ with a truly fascinating character who, frankly, loves investigating truly fascinating characters for his many articles, books and classes on subjects ranging from the rapper Common (with whom he wrote a bestselling memoir), to the monumentally impactful writer of Invisible Man (Ralph Ellison, whose literary estate he assisted throughout Bradley's time at Harvard), to the "poetry" of pop music. Many of his books on hip hop and pop culture (such as The Anthology of Rap and Book of Rhymes) have become seminal texts for university classes around the country. He speaks all over the country on a series of compelling topics, directs the Laboratory for Race & Popular Culture (RAP Lab) at the University of Colorado - Boulder where is an English professor and dresses really snazzily too. What the FUNK does THIS guy have to do with Geek/Nerd Culture? Find out in this episode of your favorite nerdy nerd podcast, NERTZ!