Episode 10

"Is Diablo Cody Really A Nerd?"

w/ Diablo Cody - Academy Award-winning screenwriter of Juno; other works include films such as Young Adult and TV shows such as United States of Tara and One Mississippi

For our TENTH EPISODE (!) of NERTZ, we have an extremely special guest in screenwriter and TV show creator Diablo Cody. There's so much to be said about Ms. Cody, but we'll leave that for the episode, a fun and informal frolic through her thoughts on what it means to be a nerd or a geek, whether or not there's such a thing as "nerd cultural misappropriation" and even a little bit about why she kind-of-sort-of agrees with American Psycho author Bret Easton Ellis that Millennials are a bit too cuddly (and why that may kind-of-sort-of be okay). We're truly honored to have Diablo Cody celebrate our Tenth Episode Anniversary and can't wait for you to check out what makes her so damn deliciously devilish ...